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Everything You Need to Know About Tipping a Valet

Tipping a service provider gives the expression that we care about him/her and the service was really helpful. It’s a tradition in almost every country that we tip the waiters in the restaurants. But many of us forget to tip the valets while using the service. Valet parking isn’t that common in every country and when a person uses the service for the first time, he or she doesn’t know about tipping the valet. So, here you can know everything about tipping a valet. But first of all, the question which arises is:
Why You Should Tip a Valet?

  • Because he is offering his services
  • Because he is taking care of your vehicle
  • Because he is saving your time and effort


Advice for Tipping a Valet

  • In UK, minimum £2 or £3 tip should be given to the valet.
  • Usually the valet will not expect the tip when you give the car keys. So, tip the valet when you return from the journey.
  • We are not just talking about valet parking Luton, but hotels and restaurants parking too. So, if the valet is bringing back the car from a far, you should tip him more than £3.
  • Do not make him ask for the tip. Instead, tip him before he asks for it.

Valet parking is a really effective service and valets try their best to take care of the vehicles of the passengers. So, tip them nicely and have a wonderful journey.

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  Posted by Jane Stoaks on Wed, Jul 13, 2016

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