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The Most Useful Packing Tips of All Time

Packing is a crucial task while preparing for a trip. If you forget a single essential item, you will be disappointed for that and will try your best to look for that item in the destination. On the other side, if you pack a lot of stuff which includes unnecessary items, then you will end up with heavy bags and lots of stress. So, here are some rules you need to consider while packing, so that your trip isn’t ruined because of this task.

Make a Packing List

  • You clearly wouldn’t want to forget any important thing while packing. So, it is better to make a packing list before actually performing the task.
  • Make your packing list at least a week before the departure day, so that if something is missing, you can buy it from the store.

Always Roll the Clothes

  • All the experts suggest that rolling is always preferred over folding.
  • If you roll the clothes tightly, it will take less space and you can pack other things.
  • Try to put small things like socks etc inside the clothes and then roll them.


Inquire about the Airline’s Luggage Policy

  • Arriving at the airport and finding out that the airline’s baggage fee is too costly is a nightmare for every traveller. So, don’t forget to inquire about it before booking the ticket.
  • Look for the airlines which allow at least a single free checked bag on domestic flights.

Wisely Pack Your Hand Carry Bag

  • Every airline allows the passengers to bring a carry-on bag with them. So, pack the things in it wisely.
  • Pack those things which you will need during the flight. For example the stuff for your baby, makeup kit etc.

Considering these tips while packing for your trip will be really helpful for you. All the expert travellers suggest that packing light should be the top priority of the passengers. We will talk about why packing light is crucial in our upcoming posts. Till then, read other savvy tips for airport parking Luton in our blog.

  Posted by Sean Perkins on Fri, Jul 15, 2016

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