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10 Easy Summer Travel Tips


It is one of the two most travelled seasons of the year. Summer truly is the wonderful time to visit new places and have some relaxing time for you. But a good vacation requires vigorous planning and to plan a perfect journey you have to know what a comfortable and deliberate journey requires. Here are a few tips to make your travels more compliant:

  • Start the necessary paperwork as soon as possible and prepare a solid itinerary
  • Save money and use the debit card to spare the extra fee on ATM
  • Reserve flight and accommodation deals in advance for cheaper rates and better choices
  • Pack smart. Variety of tops for a couple of pants. This will save some space. Keep one change in your carry on
  • Book a decent deal of car parking at Luton airport in advance and leave your car under proper security
  • If you are travelling with kids, keep them busy. Coloring books and PDAs are a good idea. Do keep the battery replacement with you
  • Buy travel insurance and checking in with your embassy is a necessary precaution
  • Learn a few essential words if there is a language barrier and keep a map and a dictionary on you at all times
  • Search the place you would like to visit and manage your transport for it
  • Make plans but be flexible about it. Always keep options

Abide by these fervent tips and have a pleasant experience of reliable vacation for this summer.

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  Posted by Jane Stoaks on Wed, Aug 3, 2016

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