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Luton Borough Council Rejected LLA Taxi Fleet Plans over Licence Plate Display

There has been uproar of massive progressive and developmental advance at Luton airport. A number of huge projects have been undertaken recently to make travelling a much more refined experience for passengers at LLA. Among the airport renovations and roadside constructions, there was a plan to introduce tainted window taxi services from Luton airport to offer a similar the luxury as of a limo.

Addison Lee had won the contract for this newest operation. The idea was to introduce limo like tainted window, fleet of 30 taxis that will be exempt from license plate display.


The big plans were interrupted when Borough Council’s taxi licensing panel rejected the move. A spokesman for Luton Borough Council said: “The application to relax the conditions in the Private Hire Operators Licence which would allow the company to operate vehicles with tinted windows and which did not display the licence plate and standard signage was refused.

“Whilst there is no express definition of the term ‘Executive Licence’ the Panel did not consider Addison Lee’s operation to fall within such a category. The Panel recognises that certain private hire operators undertake contracts which are more akin to a chauffeur driven car, often using prestige vehicles, being contracted to a specific customer or company and often at the disposal of the hirer for extended periods rather than for single journeys.”

“The Panel did not consider Addison Lee’s operation to differ significantly from an ordinary private hire service and serves the general public using the airport rather than any exclusive or separately identifiable customer base. Given the similarity with other private hire operators and also to the previous hackney carriage provision at the airport, there was no reason to justify departure from the Council’s policy requiring the grant of a licence with standard operator conditions. The standard conditions are imposed for the purpose of protecting customers and the wider public who come into contact with private hire vehicles.”

“Accordingly, the application to exempt the Operator from the standard is refused and the standard conditions will remain on the licence previously issued.”


London Luton Airport’s plans for a convenient limo like tainted window taxi services have been rejected by the Luton borough Council. Until these issues are resolved it would be better to drive their in your own car and book advance parking at Luton airport to avoid any transportation problems.

Source: Luton-Dunstable
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  Posted by Jane Stoaks on Tue, Jul 26, 2016



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