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Luton Airport Development Plans

Luton Airport has been making strides towards more and more developmental projects lately. All the recent improvements are making the traveller rate swell every month. Apart from the usual scares of delays due to strikes, airport evacuations regarding security threats and 1 flop project of airport taxi limo style everything is going just fine.

There has been a recent addition of a new project that most of the folk will like. There will be free Wi-Fi provider for Luton travellers along with free charging booths.


“The service, provided by Arqiva, means that airport passengers can now access complimentary internet access for significantly longer than Stansted (60 minutes) and Gatwick (90 minutes), and as long as Heathrow.”

The passengers will enter their details at LLA now to access free Wi-Fi at speeds of up to 1mbps for four hours. Super-fast 5mbps access is available for an extra charge of £3.

The availability for the passengers to charge their electronic devices for free at the airport only compliments the Wi-Fi service.

“Luton Airport has also become the first in the UK to partner with Chargebox to provide free secure mobile charging stations. Located in the departure lounge, the two charging stations offer a simple two-step ‘Connect & Lock’ process to ensure that passengers can travel with a full battery and peace of mind.”


Luton Airport has made a fine addition among its luxuries and added electronics charging booths for free. Also free Wi-Fi is being provided free up to 4 hours and them with minimal charges. Its great.

Source: LutonDunstable
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  Posted by Sean Perkins on Tue, Aug 23, 2016

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