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Luton Airport Development Plans

By Sean Perkins Travel News

Luton Airport has been making strides towards more and more developmental projects lately. All the recent improvements are making the traveller rate swell every month. Apart from the usual scares of delays due to strikes, airport evacuations regarding security threats and 1 flop project of a

There has been uproar of massive progressive and developmental advance at Luton airport. A number of huge projects have been undertaken recently to make travelling a much more refined experience for passengers at LLA. Among the airport renovations and roadside constructions, there was a plan

EasyJet says it has opened talks with EU member states’ aviation regulators about relocating its legal headquarters from the UK, due to the Brexit decision. EasyJet’s chief executive Carolyn McCall has signalled in private meetings this week that moving its legal HQ from the UK is almost

In April 2016, a total of 1.1 million passengers travelled through London Luton Airport (LLA). An increase of 17% in passenger numbers, compared to the same month in the last year, was recorded in this month. With this increase, the airport broke the record of total number of passengers flyi