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Effective Travel Tips for Senior Travellers

They say that there is no age limit when it comes to travelling. Therefore, the senior citizens have the right to navigate around the world using modern safety techniques and tools to make the most out of their journey.

If you, or a senior family member or friend is planning to travel by air, then make sure to follow the following tips for an efficient travel plan:
• Planning and destination hotel booking is a wonderful key
• Avoid jetlag by getting a non-stop airplane ticket
• Search for discount offers for seniors
• Keep medications in the carry-on bag
• Request a wheelchair as soon as you reach the airport
• Make a chart of the places that you want to visit
• Rest properly before the day of the travel

In order to avoid the potential causes of disturbances during the journey, you can utilize the aforementioned tips. Luggage packing is probably the most hectic job, especially when your body is getting old.

Travel Advice for seniors

Before you set out for the adventure of a lifetime, you need to be properly organized. Therefore, don’t forget to book Luton meet and greet parking ahead of your trip to ensure the security of your vehicle during your absence.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you should not settle for on-site parking facilities as they are not reliable enough. Meet and greet Luton airport parking offers a wide range of parking deals and services for you to choose from.

Resolve Airport Parking Hefts with Easy Meet and Greet Luton Services

  • Cheap Prices
  • Easy Booking
  • Punctual Service
  • Legit Company
  • Secure Compound
  • Professional Chauffeurs
  • Terminal Pick & Drop

This is how you are looking to make planned parking work for you. But you experience is much different from expectation. The real reason behind it is that most of the vendors do not sell what they show. They promise to make it convenient yet you end up with damage repair charges. The only way to get out of this mess is to watch out for the following:

  • The Company
  • The Timing

If the company that you have chosen to book your parking with is legit and offers reliable services then you are safe. But to find such a company you have to surf the net a good deal. To skip this tiring procedure book secure meet and greet Luton parking deals at Easy Meet and Greet Luton and rest assured that that your vehicle will be kept secure and parked in a well guarded and 24/7 CCTV monitored compound.


Time management is also important. A proper coordination is required to have thing go the way we want it to, without a hitch. Get to the airport well in time, inform the parking provider of your arrival and within 20 mins a chauffeur will meet and greet your and take your care to safe parking. Upon your arrival your vehicle will be delivered back to you upon you call with which your chauffeur is dispatched abruptly.

This streamlined process of secure parking and quick retrieval make the whole experience easy and swift. Book now for guaranteed space with the most vigilant and convenient parking at Luton airport.

Tips to Get Through Airport Faster

Everyone loves to have a vacation. Some love to plan for it too. Others hate all the details they have to sort through to make the necessary arrangements. Instead they want to get right to the fun part but that rarely happens. Airports are the inevitable hazard to reach your destination and it takes lots of time and patience. These days the airports are very crowded and things like airport parking, security checks, immigrations and check in takes twice as long.

So, to make this a little less cumbersome, we have a few tips to share with you. They will allow you to be better prepared for all things airports and definitely save some time.

Luton Airport Travel Tips

Sign up for TSA PreCheck

TSA PreCheck is a trusted travellers program that allows you to wiz through security queues instead of having to take off shoes and remove cases from laptops.

Smart Packing

Remember to pack light, cheap and small stuff can be bought at your destination and disposed after use allowing you to reduce the luggage weight. Stuff you should buy at the airport includes slip-on shoes, clear zip-shut sundries bags and TSA-friendly laptop cases and such. Weigh bags at home otherwise there are scales available at the airports to have your bags weighed to ensure that they are within the allowed limits.

Always Be Aware of your Flight Status

Check flight status before you leave home and then again upon your arrival at the airport. Any delays or most unfortunate cancellations will be too disappointing if you found out about them while you were at terminal. The saved time can be utilized to visit the airport shop r have nice brunch. If you are travelling alone and have no bags to check in them do check in online. It’s easier and much more convenient.

Prep Before Check In

Prep you documents before you leave home and keep them close by for easy access. Check them or rearrange them if need be before you get into the line for check in. Bring them out in your hand before you get to the desk. After check in stow away all the documents except ID and boarding pass now it’s the turn for security lane. Hopefully being prepared will proved efficient.

Book OffAirport Luton Car Parking

Check out the parking situation in advance and reserve in a secure parking compound. Meet and greet Luton parking deals can be very convenient and save a lot of time.

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Luton Airport Development Plans

Luton Airport has been making strides towards more and more developmental projects lately. All the recent improvements are making the traveller rate swell every month. Apart from the usual scares of delays due to strikes, airport evacuations regarding security threats and 1 flop project of airport taxi limo style everything is going just fine.

There has been a recent addition of a new project that most of the folk will like. There will be free Wi-Fi provider for Luton travellers along with free charging booths.


“The service, provided by Arqiva, means that airport passengers can now access complimentary internet access for significantly longer than Stansted (60 minutes) and Gatwick (90 minutes), and as long as Heathrow.”

The passengers will enter their details at LLA now to access free Wi-Fi at speeds of up to 1mbps for four hours. Super-fast 5mbps access is available for an extra charge of £3.

The availability for the passengers to charge their electronic devices for free at the airport only compliments the Wi-Fi service.

“Luton Airport has also become the first in the UK to partner with Chargebox to provide free secure mobile charging stations. Located in the departure lounge, the two charging stations offer a simple two-step ‘Connect & Lock’ process to ensure that passengers can travel with a full battery and peace of mind.”


Luton Airport has made a fine addition among its luxuries and added electronics charging booths for free. Also free Wi-Fi is being provided free up to 4 hours and them with minimal charges. Its great.

Source: LutonDunstable
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                     Car Parking Luton Airport

Resolve Luton Airport Parking Issues with Easy Valet Amenities

If your parking at Luton airport is not properly planned, it almost always ends up in some terrible situation. Travellers try different option to overcome these problems. Sometimes thing do turn out better other, not so much. One thing that eludes them is the parking conditions. There is no way to know for sure how your car is treated in your absence. To master this dilemma here are a few tips:

  • Park with a verified company
  • Select Luton valet parking service

Solve Luton Parking Problems

The Company
There are a lot of independent companies providing parking amenities. Not all of them are providing standard care for parked cars obviously. But some of them do take vehicle security into account and provide vigilant care. In order to single out such reliable and easy Luton parking companies, follow these guidelines:

  • Read the term of conduct given on the website
  • Verify the provided physical address
  • Read the online reviews of previous customers
  • Check the faqs to satisfy all queries

These steps can go a long way to ensure that you reserve your parking with an amiable and legit provider.

The Service
After all this consideration, cars do get returned mud ridden and filthy. The quality of care you receive is highly dependent on the type of service you choose. This issue can also be resolved by booking valet Luton parking deals with car wash packages. Now, your vehicle will be returned to you spick and span, no matter how harsh the environmental circumstances are.

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Easy Luton Airport Valet Parking

Managing parking at busy Luton airport takes some effort for which not every traveller has time to indulge himself. It causes unnecessary waste of time and may cause delays for security checks and flight boarding. Even so, if one finds an on-airport spot to park, the safety of the vehicle is not guaranteed against long term parking damages of various kinds.

The only visible solution to avoid these issues would be to look for a secure car parking where your vehicle is guarded vigilantly. It will also save your time and effort if you don’t have to park at all. For that you will need someone to take your car from you at the terminal and bring it about back upon your arrival, unharmed. For this purpose, valet parking Luton will do very well.


The only thing left is to take responsibility of your car parking and gain all the comforts and conveniences mentioned here:

  • Enjoy reliable and economical parking
  • On time pick and drop of vehicle at your terminal
  • Friendly and professional valet to drive your car
  • Assistance with Luggage kids of elderly members
  • Secure parking with 24/7 CCTV monitoring
  • Get a car wash package after long stays
  • Save time, money and effort

All of this is possible to attain if you book your parking online, in advance and with a reliable company. Early reservation is advised for the attainment of a secure parking at Luton airport.

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Secure Amenities for Easy Meet and Greet Luton Parking

Airport car parking is a lot messier and time consuming than most of the travellers expect it to be. Due to this planning miscalculation and further unseen delays, the whole vacation schedule gets disrupted. For those of you who do not want to get their plans entangled with unnecessary complications, we have a smart solution!

Luton Airport Meet and Greet Parking:


Add meet and greet in your Luton airport parking and eliminate all the hiccups completely. It is convenient, reliable and secure. The services are designed to accompany you in your travels and provide an apt assistance for on terminal parking.

This helpful assistance can be reserved in advance. The online process is concise and deals are quite affordable. A dedicated chauffeur is appointed for you to pick and drop your car from and back at the terminal. Meanwhile, the car is stored in our secure parking compound nearby.

Here are a few benefits of Luton meet and greet:

  • 24/7 Online Reservation
  • Professionally Trained Chauffeur
  • Secure Parking Compounds
  • Timely Pick & Drop
  • Guaranteed Vehicle Security
  • Budget Friendly Prices

All of these amenities help make your travel memorable. Book your parking in advance for expert support and security for your Luton airport parking.

The Most Useful Packing Tips of All Time

Packing is a crucial task while preparing for a trip. If you forget a single essential item, you will be disappointed for that and will try your best to look for that item in the destination. On the other side, if you pack a lot of stuff which includes unnecessary items, then you will end up with heavy bags and lots of stress. So, here are some rules you need to consider while packing, so that your trip isn’t ruined because of this task.

Make a Packing List

  • You clearly wouldn’t want to forget any important thing while packing. So, it is better to make a packing list before actually performing the task.
  • Make your packing list at least a week before the departure day, so that if something is missing, you can buy it from the store.

Always Roll the Clothes

  • All the experts suggest that rolling is always preferred over folding.
  • If you roll the clothes tightly, it will take less space and you can pack other things.
  • Try to put small things like socks etc inside the clothes and then roll them.


Inquire about the Airline’s Luggage Policy

  • Arriving at the airport and finding out that the airline’s baggage fee is too costly is a nightmare for every traveller. So, don’t forget to inquire about it before booking the ticket.
  • Look for the airlines which allow at least a single free checked bag on domestic flights.

Wisely Pack Your Hand Carry Bag

  • Every airline allows the passengers to bring a carry-on bag with them. So, pack the things in it wisely.
  • Pack those things which you will need during the flight. For example the stuff for your baby, makeup kit etc.

Considering these tips while packing for your trip will be really helpful for you. All the expert travellers suggest that packing light should be the top priority of the passengers. We will talk about why packing light is crucial in our upcoming posts. Till then, read other savvy tips for airport parking Luton in our blog.

EasyJet to Move its Headquarters from Luton due to Brexit

EasyJet says it has opened talks with EU member states’ aviation regulators about relocating its legal headquarters from the UK, due to the Brexit decision. EasyJet’s chief executive Carolyn McCall has signalled in private meetings this week that moving its legal HQ from the UK is almost inevitable in the wake of last week’s referendum result.

Some of those member states are said to be keen on airlines seeking relocation to move the bulk of their operational HQs, which in EasyJet’s case Ms McCall and her executives would be unwilling to do. One insider said moving the HQ could entail relocating just a handful of staff, depending on the regime operated by the individual country’s aviation regulator.

It would involve up-ending EasyJet’s current corporate structure by making its existing UK AOC entity a subsidiary of its newly incorporated legal headquarters.


In a statement to the London Stock Exchange in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, the company said:

“EasyJet has been preparing for this eventuality in the lead up to the referendum vote and has been working on a number of options that will allow it to continue flying in all of its markets.”

Ms McCall added that she had written to the UK Government and the European Commission to ask them to prioritise the UK remaining part of the single EU aviation market.

Things are not going pretty well for UK after Brexit. Relocation of headquarters of EasyJet will surely have an impact on Luton airport flights.

Source: Luton Airport News Room
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Why You Should Choose Offsite Parking?

People usually get confused while choosing between onsite and offsite airport parking Luton. They can’t decide which option will be better for them. There are many factors that should be remembered while taking this decision. We are going to discuss those factors and tell you why offsite parking is a better option. But let’s understand the concept of offsite and onsite parking first.

Onsite Parking:
Parking at official airport compounds is called onsite parking. These parking compounds are located within the area of the airports.

Offsite Parking:
Getting your car parked with the help of a private company is called offsite parking. The compounds of these companies are usually located near the airport terminal.

The following factors will help you decide which option to choose.
• Security
• Distance
• Cost Effectiveness
• Easiness

Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

When it comes to security, offsite parking takes a huge lead. The reason is that the security level of onsite compounds isn’t up to the mark. No one is there to take care of your car. On the other hand, offsite compounds usually have CCTV cameras, guarded patrols and digital security systems.


There is no doubt that onsite compounds are closer to the airport lounges compared to offsite parking compounds. So, logically, the time of passengers should be saved there. But in reality, this doesn’t happen because onsite parking is such a mess that passenger’s time is wasted in looking for a spot for their vehicle.

Offsite parking services are comparatively cheaper than onsite services because private companies offer many deals and discounts to the passengers. Pre-booking with offsite firms can give you many exciting parking discounts.

Obviously when a person is there to park your car and reduce your travel hassles, it becomes easier for you to manage the other activities. So, offsite parking takes a lead here too.

But always remember one thing. You can avail all these advantages of offsite parking only if you book with a legit and reputable company like Easy Meet and Greet Luton. Safe travels!