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How Efficiently Meet and Greet Parking Works?

Meet and greet is the best way to park the vehicle when you have planned to travel to and from the airport. Have you ever wondered why it is the most important part of your travel plan? The service takes away all the parking hassles so you can enjoy maximum of your journey without any apprehension.

If you are planning to go abroad this year, have you planned the parking of your vehicle around the airport?  Whether it’s your expensive vehicle or not, it is important to pre-plan for airport parking and ensure that how your vehicle will be taken care of?

A lot of planning is required when arranging for secure airport parking Luton service. The main thing to ponder on is getting the secure service on low rates.

Due to the enormous range of airport parking firms, it is quite difficult to choose a flawless service. One way of knowing about the safe procedures of company is to make sure of the reliable policies of company.

Luton Airport Parking Tips

A quick guide is here to help you to book secure and reliable parking service:

  • Explore, scrutinize and book with the identified company
  • Choose meet and greet Luton or valet parking for paramount experience
  • Reading the customer reviews is another foremost way to measure the status of company
  • Verify the booking of your service. Upon your arrival a professional attendant will park your car to the dedicated area
  • On your return you just have to remind the chauffeur about your arrival time. He will safely retrieve the vehicle and get back to you in time

All these steps will help you to cater the parking needs without any hindrance and reduce the parking obstructions with the fast track airport parking services.

How to Deal with Luton Airport Parking Issues?

Luton airport is crowded with passenger day and night. The hustle and bustle gets somewhat irritating when you are packed in too close with other passengers whom always seem to be in more hurry them you. Same goes for the parking situation outside. On average there is a vehicle for every 3 people you see inside the airport that needs to be parked for at least a week. According to LLA’s own claims there are a millions of passengers travelling every month through Luton. The parking situation you can imaging. Here are a few common issues:

  • The lots are usually jammed full and the hunt of a vacant slot grows weary. You may or may not find you parking
  • The on-airport parking lots are at quite a distance from the terminal and walking and dragging luggage does not make for a good start of vacation
  • The parking conditions are modest at best which definitely does not cover absolute security over longer periods of unsupervised stays
  • The security measure are sparsely employed and the dents and scratched are eminent
  • The parking budget is entirely a different matter. The on-airport parking dearer with lots of risks involved

Other then the above mentioned problems, the vehicles are subjected to involuntary searches and that would not sound safe to anyone. The general excuse is that it was done for the security purposes and you are expected to just go with it.

You do not want to be treated as such and rather not suffer these heft, off-airport parking is the best option for you to abstain all this hassle and enjoy a smooth parking experience no matter how crowded the airport is or how full the parking lots are. Book an Easy Meet and Greet Luton parking deals for professional parking to eliminate all your problems and provide following benefits:


Valet Parking Luton for the Perfect Parking Experience

Parking at busy Luton airport asserts certain challenges that if not met can make your vacation time complete hassle. People look forward to get relaxed and be pampered on a trip, not fuss over the security of their vehicle. Some decent parking arrangements can save you from all this hassle and here is how you start:

Easy Luton Valet parking Process

All of these steps take merely a few seconds and in turn you get a decent and secure Luton airport valet parking facility that takes the entire task of having to park and then retrieve the car of your hands. A professional valet is dedicated to server and assists you for the whole parking process and in addition they help with luggage, kids or elder family members.

Car wash is also an incredible facility and ensures that your vehicle is returned to you spick and span. The easy and comfort attained are exceptional and make your travel very smooth.

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Get Exclusive and Secure Meet and Greet Luton Parking

Meet and greet car parking amenities have been known to be to great help in regards to beating the airport parking hassle. It eliminates all the pain staking step that you deal with in order to attain proper security in long term car parks by getting someone else to do it in your stead with the same level of care and concern.

Secure Meet and Greet Luton

The chauffeurs that meet and greet you at your terminal take your car drive it directly to a secure nearby location and park it in a dedicated spot that is allocated to you upon confirmation of your booking. Here it is kept safe and away from any damages. To ensured further security, the chauffeurs are hired on strict following merit:

  • Well trained and well behaved
  • Professional in operation
  • Insured and punctual

Luton meet and greet parking is very convenient in every manner. It allows you to have a relaxed and worry free journey knowing that your vehicle will be waiting for you at the terminal safe and sound.

Reserve Easy Meet and Greet Luton car parking deals for 100% guaranteed security at very affordable prices. Let your worries dribble away and have a wonderful journey.

10 Easy Summer Travel Tips


It is one of the two most travelled seasons of the year. Summer truly is the wonderful time to visit new places and have some relaxing time for you. But a good vacation requires vigorous planning and to plan a perfect journey you have to know what a comfortable and deliberate journey requires. Here are a few tips to make your travels more compliant:

  • Start the necessary paperwork as soon as possible and prepare a solid itinerary
  • Save money and use the debit card to spare the extra fee on ATM
  • Reserve flight and accommodation deals in advance for cheaper rates and better choices
  • Pack smart. Variety of tops for a couple of pants. This will save some space. Keep one change in your carry on
  • Book a decent deal of car parking at Luton airport in advance and leave your car under proper security
  • If you are travelling with kids, keep them busy. Coloring books and PDAs are a good idea. Do keep the battery replacement with you
  • Buy travel insurance and checking in with your embassy is a necessary precaution
  • Learn a few essential words if there is a language barrier and keep a map and a dictionary on you at all times
  • Search the place you would like to visit and manage your transport for it
  • Make plans but be flexible about it. Always keep options

Abide by these fervent tips and have a pleasant experience of reliable vacation for this summer.

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Luton Borough Council Rejected LLA Taxi Fleet Plans over Licence Plate Display

There has been uproar of massive progressive and developmental advance at Luton airport. A number of huge projects have been undertaken recently to make travelling a much more refined experience for passengers at LLA. Among the airport renovations and roadside constructions, there was a plan to introduce tainted window taxi services from Luton airport to offer a similar the luxury as of a limo.

Addison Lee had won the contract for this newest operation. The idea was to introduce limo like tainted window, fleet of 30 taxis that will be exempt from license plate display.


The big plans were interrupted when Borough Council’s taxi licensing panel rejected the move. A spokesman for Luton Borough Council said: “The application to relax the conditions in the Private Hire Operators Licence which would allow the company to operate vehicles with tinted windows and which did not display the licence plate and standard signage was refused.

“Whilst there is no express definition of the term ‘Executive Licence’ the Panel did not consider Addison Lee’s operation to fall within such a category. The Panel recognises that certain private hire operators undertake contracts which are more akin to a chauffeur driven car, often using prestige vehicles, being contracted to a specific customer or company and often at the disposal of the hirer for extended periods rather than for single journeys.”

“The Panel did not consider Addison Lee’s operation to differ significantly from an ordinary private hire service and serves the general public using the airport rather than any exclusive or separately identifiable customer base. Given the similarity with other private hire operators and also to the previous hackney carriage provision at the airport, there was no reason to justify departure from the Council’s policy requiring the grant of a licence with standard operator conditions. The standard conditions are imposed for the purpose of protecting customers and the wider public who come into contact with private hire vehicles.”

“Accordingly, the application to exempt the Operator from the standard is refused and the standard conditions will remain on the licence previously issued.”


London Luton Airport’s plans for a convenient limo like tainted window taxi services have been rejected by the Luton borough Council. Until these issues are resolved it would be better to drive their in your own car and book advance parking at Luton airport to avoid any transportation problems.

Source: Luton-Dunstable
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Choosing the Legit Parking Company for Your Vehicle

There is nothing which has more priority than security of the vehicle for any passenger while parking at Luton airport. Every passenger wants his car to be safely parked in the compound and there should be security equipments to monitor it. The introduction of meet and greet service has really reduced the security doubts of the passengers. But the problem occurs when the passengers book with those companies which are not popular and they leave the vehicles in open air compounds where there is no security equipment. So, we are going to tell you that how you can choose a legit company for car parking.

  • Research online about the company.
  • Read the reviews of its customers on different social media platforms.
  • Call the company and ask them about the security equipment in its compound.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions of the company and its privacy policy.
  • Ask from your friends and family about the reliability of the company.


Always remember one thing. You may find a company on the internet which will give you the cheapest car parking service and it will promise to provide the most reliable services. But, it can be a fraud too. Many passengers have reported that their vehicles were abandoned on the streets after they handed them over to the chauffeurs. So, don’t just look for cheaper services. Always try to book with that company which monitors the vehicles 24/7 with the help of latest security equipment.

Everything You Need to Know About Tipping a Valet

Tipping a service provider gives the expression that we care about him/her and the service was really helpful. It’s a tradition in almost every country that we tip the waiters in the restaurants. But many of us forget to tip the valets while using the service. Valet parking isn’t that common in every country and when a person uses the service for the first time, he or she doesn’t know about tipping the valet. So, here you can know everything about tipping a valet. But first of all, the question which arises is:
Why You Should Tip a Valet?

  • Because he is offering his services
  • Because he is taking care of your vehicle
  • Because he is saving your time and effort


Advice for Tipping a Valet

  • In UK, minimum £2 or £3 tip should be given to the valet.
  • Usually the valet will not expect the tip when you give the car keys. So, tip the valet when you return from the journey.
  • We are not just talking about valet parking Luton, but hotels and restaurants parking too. So, if the valet is bringing back the car from a far, you should tip him more than £3.
  • Do not make him ask for the tip. Instead, tip him before he asks for it.

Valet parking is a really effective service and valets try their best to take care of the vehicles of the passengers. So, tip them nicely and have a wonderful journey.

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Meet and Greet Luton – The Real Saviour

No one can argue against the fact that parking at all major airports of UK has become the most tiresome task. Every single person flying through Luton or any other major airport of UK has to face terrifying problems while parking his car. It doesn’t matter whether you are travelling alone, with your family or on a business tour, you will be facing various car parking problems.

Well, there is a perfect solution to tackle such problems, which is availing meet and greet Luton airport parking service. In case you don’t know, meet and greet is an extraordinary car parking service, in which a chauffeur parks your car in the compound and you don’t have to face the parking problems. The detailed process of meet and greet parking service will be discussed in the upcoming posts. Here you can look at the brief parking process.

  • Book the service online or through call.
  • Drive your car and reach the pre-decided meeting point (airport terminal).
  • Take a receipt from the chauffeur and hand over the car keys.
  • On your arrival, call the company after security checking at the airport and then go to the meeting point.
  • Take back your car and go to home.


The whole process looks very simple and clear, still many passengers face problems while availing the service. Why? The reason is that they don’t avail the services of a legit and reliable company. This is a crucial step and one should not hire a company which is actually a fraud. Search through the internet about the company thoroughly before booking the parking service. Easy Meet and Greet Luton is known for its reliable and secure services. Get a free quote for your car parking and enjoy your trip.

How to Efficiently Manage Air Travelling?

Before any discussion, let’s accept the fact that air travel is the most tiresome type of travelling. Starting from Luton airport parking hassles and ending on long queues of immigration and luggage, travelling by air is not an easy task for the beginners. So, we are going to give you some easy and helpful tips on how to manage air travelling efficiently and effectively.

Pack Light:

  • Don’t fill your bag and suitcases with unnecessary stuff because
  • Always pack the things which you are going to need during your trip.
  • Always roll the clothes instead of folding. It will give you extra space for other stuff.
  • Packing light doesn’t mean that you don’t pack the necessary things. Always make a list of required documents and pack them first.

Pre-book Airport Parking:

  • Clearly, you don’t want to waste your time in looking for parking spot for your car in the airport compound. So, book car parking at Luton airport with the offsite companies.
  • Search on the internet about different parking companies and read the reviews of their customers.
  • Choose the most authentic parking firm and pre-book their service.


Luggage & Security Queues:

  • Before actually going through the security queues, you should read the airport travel guide provided by the airport.
  • In that guide, you can learn how to complete the security and luggage procedures without any hassles.
  • If you are travelling with your family, then book an airport lounge so that your kids will not get tired during travelling.

If you follow these helpful and amazing tips, your air travel experience will be great. If you have any other tips, then do share them in the comments section.