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Why You Should Choose Offsite Parking?

People usually get confused while choosing between onsite and offsite airport parking Luton. They can’t decide which option will be better for them. There are many factors that should be remembered while taking this decision. We are going to discuss those factors and tell you why offsite parking is a better option. But let’s understand the concept of offsite and onsite parking first.

Onsite Parking:
Parking at official airport compounds is called onsite parking. These parking compounds are located within the area of the airports.

Offsite Parking:
Getting your car parked with the help of a private company is called offsite parking. The compounds of these companies are usually located near the airport terminal.

The following factors will help you decide which option to choose.
• Security
• Distance
• Cost Effectiveness
• Easiness

Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

When it comes to security, offsite parking takes a huge lead. The reason is that the security level of onsite compounds isn’t up to the mark. No one is there to take care of your car. On the other hand, offsite compounds usually have CCTV cameras, guarded patrols and digital security systems.


There is no doubt that onsite compounds are closer to the airport lounges compared to offsite parking compounds. So, logically, the time of passengers should be saved there. But in reality, this doesn’t happen because onsite parking is such a mess that passenger’s time is wasted in looking for a spot for their vehicle.

Offsite parking services are comparatively cheaper than onsite services because private companies offer many deals and discounts to the passengers. Pre-booking with offsite firms can give you many exciting parking discounts.

Obviously when a person is there to park your car and reduce your travel hassles, it becomes easier for you to manage the other activities. So, offsite parking takes a lead here too.

But always remember one thing. You can avail all these advantages of offsite parking only if you book with a legit and reputable company like Easy Meet and Greet Luton. Safe travels!

  Posted by Sean Perkins on Fri, Jul 1, 2016

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